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Customers Comments Say's- I have taken the newly developed e flexiload software from hosting4bd.Now its working fast and faster..Now we are giving upto 2.75% comission to our first 100 Client. Sajib Flexi Say's- Hositng4bd's auto flexiload system is working properly and i am enjoying there auto flexiload billing & software. Say's- I've bought billing from this company. There support was excellent.Though i have taken flexiload software from other company but now i am thinking about moving to flexiload software from Full Comments

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Automatic Flexiload, bKash Software | Server

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eFlexiload Software, Server is the most powerful and advanced flexiload, bKash or mobile banking managament software powered by Hosting4bd Limited. eFlexiload software will provides you both automatic with conformation message and more advance billing with muliple level reseller package.It is the most updated software since 2012. We do update our software upon our customer's requirement. we have two types of billing system .Unlimited reseller payment system & fixed reseller payment system.


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